Cycling Tours

In Tuscany you can also discover art, culture, or simply enjoy nature by riding a bike. If you are a keen cyclist as I am, I would be pleased to take you on a bike tour. This region, with its variety of roads and great landscapes, offers a lot of opportunities for cyclists. I have worked out some routes to fit everyone’s capabilities, ranging between 20-140 kilometers of length ( 12-80 miles) on mostly paved level roads, although more demanding routes are possible. Each route is connected with a particular aspect of the territory (Nature, History etc). The tours will be operated in different areas:The famous Chianti, with its rolling slopes, farmhouses, and vineyards;The Val di Cornia, an area near the coast, with its several natural parks to visit,cradle of the etruscan civilization and its interesting necropolis. The Maremma, an area to the south of Tuscany,and its unspoiled nature, to mention a few. During the tours a stop will be made to get refreshed and eat a light lunch in a winery or family run ‘trattoria’ The tours are one day long, (longer tours are possible on request), start and finish on the requested spot. A minivan fitted with a bike carrier will take you to
the starting point and pick you up at the end, and will be at your disposal all the tour long. The english speaking guide will ride with you at your pace and give you information and assistance. You can take the tours with your own bikes; otherwise I can provide you with a premium road or mountain bike, the right size to fit you, with aluminium frame and 24 speed to tackle every slope. Helmets and water bottle will be provided as well.