Siena and San Gimignano

Driving through the best of the Chianti countryside, it’s one and half hour drive to reach Siena, one of the major tourist destination in Italy, Unesco World’s Heritage Site. famous worldwide for its Palio delle Contrade, a bareback historical horse race, which take place twice in a year. Your tour will start with a visit to Piazza del Campo, the square where the race is held, unmatched for its beauty, with its Palazzo Pubblico, the seat of city government, and its museum, with masterpieces of senese paintings, and adjacent Torre del Mangia, a tower recently reopened to the public. Move then do Piazza del Duomo, the center of religious life, and visit the Cathedral, the best example of Italian medieval architecture, stuffed with sculpture and paintings, and Pinacoteca Nazionale, (National Picture Gallery) rich of masterpieces of senese painter. You’ll have also time to stroll the winding alley ,and discover the many shops that sell local handicraft, especially glass and pottery. After a lunch, we set off to San Gimignano, Unesco World’s Heritage Site as well, a great example of medieval town-planning, a thriving market place in the middle age, as the many tower-home, belonging to wealthy merchants, testimony. You’ll visit here Piazza della Cisterna, surrounded by those tower, La Collegiata, the Cathedral and see its works by master as Benozzo Gozzoli and Jacopo della Quercia. Finally we’ll heading back for the ship.